Coonowrin Kids Playgroup


Due to COVID 19 restrictions, Coonowrin Kids Playgroup is not 

currently operating.

Our award winning playgroup runs on Wednesday morning during the school term from 8.45am to 10.45am.    Bring your own snack and drink for your child.  Tea and coffee is provided.  A coffee van visits weekly as well.

Coonowrin Kids Playgroup is a member of Playgroup Australia and has been operating at Glass House Mountains State School since 2014.

In November 2017, our playgroup was awarded "Community Playgroup of the Year" by Playgroup Queensland.  The award is a testament to the amazing work of our co-ordinator Helen White and her team of dedicated helpers.

Our mission is to create and provide opportunities for every child to learn through quality play experiences while supporting parents and carers in their role as first teachers.  We offer indoor and outdoor play activities, oral language, music and movement sessions.

How is Coonowrin Kids Playgroup Organised?

  • We have outside activities that are set up in the playground area every week.  These activities are set up to develop gross motor skills. eg. locomotor, balance, hand eye co-ordination, upper body strength.
  • Glass House Mountains State School promotes sun safety and expects that all children and adults help support us by wearing hats and sun protection please.  Your example is your child's greatest teacher.
  • We end our playgroup with a music and movement session and story time.  We ask that all children and parents join us on the carpet to participate.
  • The cost to attend playgroup is $30.00 a term (this is a resource levy).  there is an annual membership fee of $40 (or $30 with a concession card) which is paid to Playgroup Queensland.   This membership fee covers insurance fo you and your child whilst attending, and guidelines regarding the running of playgroup.  You will need to pay this annual fee through the Playgroup Qld website: at the time that you register.   Your resource levy along with a budget provided by the school, enables us to provide the high standard of activities and learning opportunities for your child.   

At Coonowrin Kids Playgroup we ask that you are:

  • respectful of other parents, children and staff
  • aware that you should advise staff of any concerns you may have with other playgroup members or staff
  • responsible for your child's safety, welfare and behaviour at all times
  • aware of how the equipment has been set up and leave it that way, so that others may benefit from its use.  If unsure please see a staff member.
  • alert to your child's safety at all times and only allow your child to climb on equipment or structures that are provided for them.
  • able to enjoy the activities at the tables provided and that you leave the area ready for others to enjoy.  All table activities and chairs must remain at the table provided
  • supporting us, by helping, with your child to clean up the areas inside and outside.
  • aware that if your child does not wish to participate or is distracted at music and story time, that you please move to the covered area outside.  This way other children are left to enjoy the session with less disruption.
  • limiting your phone usage to essential communication and are aware of your child's movements at all times.

Coonowrin Kids children have an opportunity to:

  • gain self esteem
  • develop good listening skills
  • develop social skills
  • have fun interacting with other children and adults
  • establish a community of friends

Coonowrin Kids Parents/Carers have an opportunity to:

  • enrich their interactions with their children, through varieties of play and structured activities
  • gain and share parenting skills in a fun, interactive environment
  • develop a network of friends
  • become an active member of a supportive and caring community
  • build strong relationships with their local school community

Visit the Coonowrin Kids Playgroup Facebook page for more info. 

Last reviewed 13 May 2020
Last updated 13 May 2020